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DSLR Camera SanDisk Ultra SDHC-UHS-1 SD CARD 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB with Free High-Speed Card Rider in Bangladesh

৳  449৳  1,599

Available SD Card :

  • SanDisk Ultra DSLR Camera 16GB SD Card
  • SanDisk Ultra DSLR Camera 32GB SD Card
  • SanDisk Ultra DSLR Camera 64GB SD Card
  • SanDisk Ultra DSLR Camera 128GB SD Card

USAMS US-ZB064 Phantom Wireless Selfie Stick Price In BD

Original price was: ৳  2,500.Current price is: ৳  2,000.
  • Brand: Usams
  • Model: US-ZB064
  • Type: Selfie Stick Tripod
  • Material: Aluminum alloy+ABS
  • Stick Length Range: 19cm-90cm
  • Control Method: Bluetooth
  • Supporting Systems: For Apple and Android

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Embark on a journey of expanded storage with our range of SD cards at BD Smart Zone. Discover a variety of storage capacities and speeds that cater to various devices, ensuring you have ample space to capture and store your precious moments. Explore our collection, specifically curated to fulfill the storage needs of cameras, offering reliable and high-performance SD cards that enhance your camera’s capabilities.

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Enhance your camera’s performance with our specialized SD cards designed explicitly for cameras. Our collection features SD cards optimized to handle high-resolution imaging and rapid data transfer, ensuring seamless shooting experiences. Experience reliability and speed with SD cards that meet the demanding requirements of professional and amateur photographers alike, allowing you to capture every moment without worry.

Competitive SD Card Prices in Bangladesh:

At BD Smart Zone, we offer competitive SD card prices in Bangladesh, ensuring that superior storage solutions are accessible to all photography enthusiasts and professionals. Our range encompasses varying capacities and price points, accommodating diverse budgets and storage needs. Explore our collection to find the perfect SD card that strikes the ideal balance between performance, capacity, and affordability.

SD Card Storage in Bangladesh:

Secure your memories with reliable SD card storage solutions available in Bangladesh. BD Smart Zone’s selection of SD cards offers durability and stability, safeguarding your valuable data while providing ample space for storing photos, videos and more. Trust our SD cards to protect your cherished memories and maintain the integrity of your files for years to come.

SD Card Prices Tailored for Bangladesh:

Explore expanded memory options with our range of SD cards at prices tailored to meet the storage needs of Bangladesh. BD Smart Zone presents a diverse selection of SD cards, providing value-driven solutions that cater to the diverse photography community, offering reliable storage at competitive prices.

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