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GEEOO GB-6 Micro USB OTG Converter Plug & Play Buy In Bd

Original price was: ৳  150.Current price is: ৳  120.
Title: Geeoo OTG Converter Plug And Play GB-6 Micro to USB
Brand: GEEOO
Country of Origin Bangladesh
Connection Type USB
Model GB-6
Data transfer rate 2.4A
Voltage 9V/15V
Function Sync Data & Powerful Charging, Audio & Video
Compatible Devices Smartphone

GEEOO OTG Converter Plug & Play GB-5 Buy in Bangladesh

৳  150
Model: GB-5 Product Name: OTG Converter Connector Type: USB to Type C Male Connector: USB3.0 Current: 2.4A Voltage: 9V/15V Function: Sync Data & Powerful Charging, Audio & Video

MCDODO OT-860 OTG USB-A 3.0 to Lightning Adapter in Bangladesh

Original price was: ৳  799.Current price is: ৳  599.
MCDODO USB OT-860 OTG Lightning Adapter  Description: The MCDODO OT-860 OTG USB-A 3.0 to Lightning Adapter is a versatile and

Introducing Our OTG Cable in Bangladesh:

Unlock the potential of your devices with our high-performance OTG (On-The-Go) Cable, engineered to seamlessly expand connectivity and bridge USB-enabled gadgets for enhanced functionality.

Universal Compatibility Across Platforms:

Our OTG Cable offers compatibility with a broad spectrum of USB-enabled devices, facilitating connections between smartphones, tablets, PCs, and diverse USB peripherals for seamless connectivity across platforms.

Portable Design for On-the-Go Convenience:

Crafted for mobility, our OTG Cable is compact and lightweight, effortlessly fitting into your bag, pocket, or travel case. Enjoy expanded connectivity without compromising on portability during your daily ventures.

Effortless On-The-Go Connectivity:

Simplify device connectivity with ease. Our OTG Cable allows straightforward linking of USB peripherals to your smartphones, tablets, or laptops, eliminating the need for complex configurations or additional drivers, and delivering instant functionality wherever you are.

Amplify Your Device’s Capabilities:

Unleash a world of possibilities. Transform your smartphone or tablet into a hub of productivity by connecting USB flash drives for quick file transfers, keyboards for convenient typing, game controllers for gaming, or various USB peripherals tailored to your requirements.

Durability and Consistent Performance:

Built to endure, our OTG Cable features robust materials and connectors, ensuring reliability and longevity. Its sturdy construction guarantees dependable connectivity, promising consistent performance throughout extended usage.

Simplify and Enhance Your Tech Experience:

Bid farewell to limitations. Our OTG Cable in Bangladesh streamlines your tech encounters, empowering you to effortlessly connect and utilize USB peripherals with your devices, creating a more versatile and efficient workflow.

Experience limitless connectivity possibilities with our reliable and versatile OTG Cable. Enhance your digital experience by expanding connectivity options and simplifying device interactions, making it an essential accessory for optimizing your devices’ capabilities.